Old man photographed in the Samangan province in Northern Afghanistan (photo: Michael Lund) Children sort garbage all day in the slums of Dhaka to make money for their poor families (photo: Michael Lund) The former supermodel Bibi Russell has returned to Bangladesh to help the country's poor weavers (photo:  Michael Lund)

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Lnd.dk is a website for journalist Michael S. Lund. My main area of focus is the Middle East, and I've recently covered the revolutions around the area - from the front lines in Libya to Tahrir Square.

I have experience from conflict areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, but I equally enjoy writing the peaceful, but interesting portrait or the analyzing background article.

Since 2008 I've been employed by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) at the foreign desk.

On this site you will find examples of articles, photos, radio and tv, I've done for different media.

I don't take freelance work at the moment as I'm employed by DR. But you're always welcome to contact me - and if you need a freelancer in Denmark, I can probably put you in touch with somebody.

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Michael Lund
Freelance journalist