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30.07.12: Back from covering riots in Bahrain and civil war in Syria. Will be heading to Egypt next month to brush up my Arabic with a month long course.   Covering demonstrations in Bahrain.
06.05.11: Having a busy spring covering revolutions in Egypt and Libya. Will be in Egypt the next month and a half.    
12.04.09: I added a new photo series from an e-waste site in Ghana here : Ghana E-Waste. By the way, I've also put on a radio and tv section since I've mainly been doing broadcast news lately.   Photo essay from Ghana e-waste site.
01.10.08: I started working at DR, the national Danish television and radio network, where I'm doing foreign news primarily for radio.  
15.09.08: Well, my newspaper, Nyhedsavisen, went bankrupt the other day after two exciting years... Just got back from Ghana where I was on a trip for work - and now I'll start making plans for the next couple of months.   Nyhedsavisen
10.06.07: I've uploaded a couple of new articles in the Danish section. There's interviews with people like notorius CIA-agent Larry Devlin and with the neo-conservative 'Prince of Darkness' Richard Perle - and a couple of articles from the rioting suburbs of Paris. Unfortunately, I probably won't have time for translations :-(  
02.02.07: This site isn't updated regularly, but at my new employer's website, I'm now writing a blog about foreign affairs. At the moment it's in Danish, but feel free to check it out at: www.avisen.dk/micu  
02.10.06: Sorry, I haven't updated in a while, but I've been busy preparing the international section of my new employer, Nyhedsavisen. The paper hits the streets 06.10.06, and it'll be great!  

01.08.06: So I'm back from Lebanon. The trip changed dramatically because of the Israeli bombardments that I ended up covering instead of the articles I'd planned. I plan to put some pictures from Beirut on the site in a while.
Pictures with Danish text here.

07.07.06: Today I'm leaving for Lebanon and Syria. I'll be back in Denmark on July 28th.

02.06.06: I've started planning a journalistic trip to Lebanon in July. If you need articles or photos from the country, please contact me.

05.05.06: I've just finished my first semester at Center for Middle East Studies at SDU. It's been very interesting, and I'll be continuing the course in my spare time after the summer.

28.03.06: This week I'll be in Poland on a short trip for the magazine Indsats.

13.03.06: Today visitor number 50.000 entered this site. Right now about 200 different people drop by every day, and I have no idea what they use my site for. So feel free to write some response next time!  
08.02.06: This week I've started studying Middle East issues at The University of Southern Denmark. I'm doing it in my (scarce) spare time, so the studying won't affect my ability to take on assignments.    

22.11.05: I've finally posted a new series of pictures on the site. The pictures are from a walking safari in Zambia, and you can find them here.

18.10.05: I've moved into an office called Click Pressebureau in Copenhagen. Here I work with six other journalists and photographers.

03.10.05: I've just returned from my trip to Zambia where I was writing for a couple of Danish magazines and newspapers. An interesting country which you can catch some pictures from soon.