Rapper Mohammed el-Deeb during a show in Cairo (photo: Michael S. Lund) Sadiq makes a living from burning IT-waste. A work that causes toxic fumes. (photo: Michael S. Lund) In Northern Iraq life is peaceful - and women can walk the streets without fear (photo: Michael S. Lund)

Danish version

Click on the stories below to hear examples of stories I've done for Danish national tv and radio. Unfortunately, I'm telling the stories in Danish, but I can also narrate in English.


Arab rappers say: 'Fuck habibi'
In the Middle East hip hop is gaining ground. Young rappers are tired of meaningless love songs. They want to change their world with rhymes (aired on Danish radio - opens as mp3)
Yo! Arab hip hop is attitude with a message - click and listen.
The Nazi doctor turned Muslim
Aribert Heim - a.k.a. Doctor Death - lived in secrecy in Egypt after the Nazi Era. I followed his and other Nazi's Arab food prints. (aired on Danish radio - opens as mp3)
Jokes and terror in the taxi
I took a ride in the chaotic traffic of Cairo with writer Khaled al-Khamissi. He wrote a bestseller on the tough life in the city's taxis. (aired on Danish radio - opens as mp3)

Take a ride with Cairos crazy taxis (5.26)