Holy man plays traditional instrument in India (photo: Michael Lund) Indian man grieves before his mother's body is burned at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi (photo: Michael Lund) 15-year-old girl sold to a brothel in Delhi for 200 dollars (photo:  Michael Lund)

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All the photos on this site are taken by me, and you can see a description of them if you move your cursor across the pictures. Below you can see a collection of photo essays from feature trips around the world.

Africa's computer cemetary
Tons of used computers end up in Ghana where young kids burn them to get metals. Some cough blood from the toxic fumes.
The computer cemetary
Afghanistan: Country of war
A photo essay from a four week trip to Afghanistan where I worked for various magazines and newspapers.
Safari in South Luangwa
A safari in one of the world's best safari parks. The safari is on foot, and you walk among wild lions, elephants and hippos.


Sex, hope and poverty
Bangladesh is poor, and struggles with trafficking of women and crime. But it's also a country where the population is struggling to make things better.


City of life and death
Varanasi is the hindus' most sacred city. I visited the city and its holy men, and followed the burning of a woman by the banks of the Ganges.